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The product you love just got a lot better with Solid Edge ST10. That’s because it allows you to design, produce prototypes, test, manufacture, and collaborate with even more speed, power, and simplicity than ever before.

Now you can create mesh models that work seamlessly with traditional 3D data, have flexible options for 3D printing worldwide, publishing technical manuals as well as collaborating securely with your partners and customers, these are just some of the many new features available when using Solid Edge ST10’s suite of solutions.

Design Smarter, Faster, and More Efficiently

While other companies focus on incremental tweaks in their software, Solid Edge features a wealth of improvements that streamlines the way you create, improve, and test your products.

Take for example convergent modeling technology. Now you can combine boundary representation (b-rep) models with triangular mesh ones seamlessly, thus eliminating the need for conversions and saving you considerable time and resources.

You can also design lighter components and produce them more efficiently with the integration of advanced technology optimization to the Solid Edge 3D modeling toolkit. This enables you, for example, to reduce the weight of a component while ensuring that it meets your project’s specific load requirements and constraints.

Reverse engineering parts? It can be challenging especially when you’re working with scanned items using a high resolution 3D scanner, but not with Solid Edge. Clean up and repair meshes, categorise them, and even manipulate them with surface extraction techniques—you can do all those and more with the ST10.

Plus, you can design with more flexibility and freedom. Scaling your models are extra painless with its ability to scale up or down, uniformly or nonuniformly, even taking into account shrinkage in mold design, so you can rapidly move to preparing prototypes and 3D printing.

Turning your ideas into reality has also been made simpler. Sketch with the Draw command to get the familiarity and freedom of working on a good-old drawing board. And when you’re using a Microsoft Surface device, your pen strokes will be automatically translated into analysed sketches for an even smoother workflow.

3D sketches are also enhanced even further, so you can now split them at specified key points after which the relationships are automatically generated.

That’s not all. From preserving cutouts across bends in synchronous sheet metal parts, cloning parts to automate duplication of components, to simplifying drafting….Solid Edge delivers the power you need to work more efficiently.

Test before you even build a prototype with the help of the Solid Edge Flow Simulation. It’s a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis tool that shows you how a product might behave early into the design cycle. Changes are also synchronised seamlessly, thanks to the tight integration between the simulation data and native Solid Edge geometry, translating to a speedier testing process.

Manufacturing Made Simple and Flexible

Solid Edge ST10 delivers beyond your design needs—it also shines when you’re ready to manufacture. That’s why we’re introducing exciting improvements such as giving you the ability to export designs to the ultra-light 3D Manufacturing Format (3MF) and providing you with a dedicated 3D printing interface so you can perfect your models before you prepare them for printing.

Plus, you have a plethora of options when you’re ready to print. You can choose to do it in-house, or pick from a wide range of suppliers through the embedded 3YOURMIND cloud printing service and find one that matches your specific material and cost requirements.

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Manage Your Work with Unparalleled Ease

From product manuals to assembly instructions, you can publish practically every type of document your customers need with Solid Edge Illustrations and Solid Edge 3D Publishing.

With Illustrations, you can create illustration sets from Solid Edge geometry, as well as product and manufacturing annotations. Once you’re done, customise and publish your documents with 3D Publishing. Made changes to your Solid Edge models? Your documents will reflect these automatically.

Managing your data is also a breeze. That’s because with Solid Edge ST10, setting up and administering data, as well as the user interface have been made more simple and intuitive, making it possible for you to perform your most common tasks faster. What’s more is that you’ll get notifications for all changes to files, find duplicates, and automatically copy drawings when you use the “Save As…” option, giving you more power and control at your fingertips.

And in today’s highly connected world, collaborating on your projects has become more natural. Using Teamcenter®? With added support for more work processes, you can work offline and then synchronise changes, associate new Solid Edge files with existing Teamcenter® items, and classify parts using the Active Workplace interface. Other improvements include validating user input before submitting data and docking panes in the “Open File” dialog, further accelerating the way you work and minimising costly errors. All these help move your team into a truly digital workplace.

Finally, there’s Solid Edge Portal where you can securely communicate with your teams and share project files via a cloud-based folder. Files you uploaded can then be viewed on any browser, eliminating the need for any special software. You can even expand collaboration to include external parties, such as your suppliers and customers, allowing them to be more involved with your projects.

About Edge PLM Software

Edge PLM Software provides specialised Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions for a broad range of manufacturing, process engineering, and engineering service organisations.

One of these solutions is the world’s best-in-class 3D CAD product, Solid Edge. It revolutionises the way that engineers design products with unique methods and features.

Edge PLM Software is recognised by Siemens as a Premier value added reseller, and has won support awards in the Asia-Pacific region.

Module and Packages

Solid Edge ST10 Key Feature Package Chart


available within the package

Add On

available as Add On module to the package


has limited capability within the package


not available within the package

Key Feature / Function Premium Classic Foundation Drafting
Cloud enabled option YES YES YES YES
2D drafting YES YES YES YES
2D data re-use YES YES YES YES
3D data re-use YES YES YES YES
3D part design YES YES YES LIMITED
3D assembly design YES YES YES LIMITED
Automated 2D drawings YES YES YES YES
Synchronous technology (intelligent direct modeling) YES YES YES YES
Design automation YES YES YES YES
Additive manufacturing (3D Printing) preparation YES YES YES YES
Additive manufacturing (3D Printing) service YES YES YES YES
Built-in data management YES YES YES YES
Included collaboration tools (eg viewing and comments) YES YES YES YES
IFC import and export for BIM YES YES YES YES
Mesh data import and re-use (Convergent Modeling) YES YES YES YES
Sheet metal design YES YES YES NO
Frame and weldment design YES YES YES NO
Surface modeling YES YES YES NO
Plastic part design YES YES YES NO
Jig and fixture design YES YES YES NO
Conceptual assembly layout YES YES YES NO
Cam design assistant YES YES NO NO
Gear design assistant YES YES NO NO
Pulley and shaft design assistant YES YES NO NO
Spring design assistant YES YES NO NO
Beam and column design assistant YES YES NO NO
Reverse engineering (3D scanning) YES YES NO NO
Generative design- basic YES YES NO NO
Visualization – animation YES YES YES YES
Visualization – photorealistic rendering YES YES NO NO
SolidWorks data migration YES YES YES NO
Inventor data migration YES YES YES NO
Pro/Engineer / Creo data migration YES YES YES NO
Motion simulation YES YES YES LIMITED
Simulation Express – Single Part, Stress, Modal YES YES NO NO
Standard parts library (basic installation) YES YES YES YES
Standard parts library extention – machinery YES YES Add On NO
Standard parts library extention – piping Add On Add On Add On NO
XpresRoute Piping & Tubing Design YES Add On Add On NO
Wire Harness Design YES Add On Add On NO
Simulation – Stress, Modal, Buckling, Thermal, Optimization YES Add On Add On NO
Generative Design – Proffesional Add On Add On Add On NO
NX CAM Express 2.5 axis to 5 axis milling, Turning Add On Add On Add On NO
FloEFD CFD Flow Simulation Add On Add On Add On NO
Dynamic Design Motion Professional Add On Add On Add On NO
SMAP P&ID, 3D Piping & Isometrics Design Add On Add On Add On NO


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