Introducing Solid Edge ST9: Design, Re-Use 2D and 3D Data, and Build Prototypes in Ways You Never Thought Possible

Your CAD software should help you work smarter, not harder. That’s why there’s Solid Edge, a hybrid 2D/3D CAD system that uses synchronous technology that finally frees you of the limitations of your traditional CAD software. Want to edit dimensions easily? Re-use imported data without the hassle? They’re easy to do and more with Solid Edge.


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Benefits of Solid Edge

Fast Design

Solid Edge leverages synchronous technology, enabling your company to deliver breakthrough designs. Designers can accelerate model creation without engaging in design preplanning. They also are able to perform faster ECO edits by eliminating model regeneration, while increasing the re-use of imported 2D or 3D data.

2D to 3D with ease

Solid Edge has proven successful in helping companies reduce engineering costs through better re-use of 2D and 3D data. Imported assembly layouts can drive 3D product design where interference checking can solve fit and position problems before manufacturing. Synchronous technology can edit imported 3D models, reducing the need for redesign.

Digital Prototyping

With Solid Edge you can build entire 3D digital prototypes and optimize your designs before production. You can design assemblies with machined, cast or stylized components and leverage process-specific applications to simplify frame, piping, tube, wiring, weldement, and mold tooling design.

Ease of Adoption

The Solid Edge user interface removes the need for unnecessary decisions. Logical inference engines recommend next steps and intuitively consider affected geometry. The SmartStep ribbon bar guides you through the feature creation process, presenting design decisions in a logical sequence, letting you easily review and change decisions to optimize your designs.

Expanded Collaboration

Solid Edge offers a full suite of tools that let designers author, edit, distribute, and explore design alternatives. Engineering teams can package design and supporting data into a compact collaboration file, facilitating fast design iteration. Using XpresReview, a free, downloadable viewer, files can easily be shared with internal teams, vendors, and customers.

How You Gain an Edge with Solid Edge

Create prototypes faster and more accurately. Solid Edge lets you create digital prototypes using various components and based on different applications. This helps speed up prototyping so you can improve the quality of your product even before you create a solid prototype. Adopt it into your system easily. New to Solid Edge? Its user interface will guide you bon the steps you need to take when you’re designing. This lets you focus on the design instead of spending your time trying to figure out how the software works. Collaborate more effectively. Whether you’re a designer or an engineer, Solid Edge gives you various tools that simplify how you collaborate with your teammates. These include the ability to package design and supporting data into a small collaboration file, view files using the free XpresReview viewer, and more.

Design Made Faster and Simpler with Synchronous Technology

Solid Edge uses synchronous technology developed by Siemens. Synchronous technology lets you finally spend your time and resources on actually designing instead of being slowed down by your system. With synchronous technology, you can: Work faster with solid model edits. Editing the dimensions of your design used to be impossible. But with synchronous technology, you can finally make changes directly to a 2D cross-section of a 3D model, so you can tweak dimensions faster by as much as 35% versus competitive history or ordered-only products. Your design process becomes shorter and more simplified, and you’ll be able to take your products to the market sooner. Implement changes easily. Synchronous technology frees you from the limitations of having an embedded history. Aside from making changes in dimensions possible, you can also implement other changes much easier because features work independently of each other. Maximise your re-use of imported data. The technology also makes it possible for you to handle and edit imported data much like a native one — perfect if you work in a multi-CAD environment. What it means is that you can speed up your process even more because you can work on the imported design directly instead of redesigning it first. What’s more is that Solid Edge is the only CAD system that has synchronous technology. In other words, it’s the only system in the market today that can provide you revolutionary features like native editing. So when it comes to really making your work faster and simpler and being light-years ahead of your competition, these can only be possible with Solid Edge.

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About Edge plm software

At Edge PLM Software, we’ll provide you with specialised product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions fit for your business, especially if you’re in the discrete manufacturing and process engineering fields. These solutions include Solid Edge, a software that will revolutionise the way you create and design using 3D CAD software. Our company is also recognised by Siemens as a premier Value Added Reseller for the top-notch support we provide our customers, and was the 2012 winner of the support awards in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Motion Simulation symbol_check symbol_check symbol_check Some
Assembly Animation symbol_check symbol_check symbol_check symbol_check
Weldments symbol_check symbol_check symbol_check
Helical Curve symbol_check symbol_check symbol_check
Exploded Assemblies symbol_check  symbol_check symbol_check symbol_check
Drawing Compare symbol_check  symbol_check  symbol_check symbol_check
Keyshot Rendering symbol_check symbol_check
Simulation Express symbol_check symbol_check
Engineering Reference symbol_check symbol_check
Machinery Library symbol_check symbol_check Add-on
Design Manager symbol_check symbol_check symbol_check symbol_check
Simulation symbol_check Add-on Add-on
Wire Harness Design symbol_check Add-on
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