Solid Edge Web Publisher


• Share design information over the internet
• Communicate detailed product design with bill of materials (BOMs), exploded views, 3D models and file properties
• Share design information to shop floor, customers and suppliers
• Build collaborative online sales configurations


• Use wizard to simplify web publishing
• Create lightweight 3D models
• View models with standard web browser


Solid Edge® Web Publisher software makes it extremely fast and easy to share design information over the internet or company intranets. Web Publisher is seamlessly integrated with Solid Edge, so you can publish web pages with Solid Edge 3D models and related data in seconds, directly from your Solid Edge design session, without any web publishing expertise.

Sharing CAD designs over the internet

Solid Edge Web Publisher provides a quick and simple method for sharing design information over the internet. Web Publisher enables engineers to publish web pages with 3D models and related data directly from Solid Edge design sessions. Using industry-leading technology developed by Immersive Design, Inc., Web Publisher facilitates access to design engineering data.


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