Smap3D Plant Design connects P&ID, Piping and Isometrics

Smap3D Plant Design is 3D CAD software for the fast, easy design of 3D piping systems used in mechanical engineering, equipment production and plant design. Smap3D Plant Design provides an integrated software solution for an optimal plant design process chain.

Smap3D P&ID

2D flowcharts, the first link in the process chain, are among the most important documents in plant design. Our integrated P&ID To‐Do List function provides a simple easy connection between flowcharts and the 3D model.

Smap3D Piping

3D piping design, the second link in the process chain is highly automated with the Smap3D Piping add‐in. The automation is based on pipe specifications (classes) which make it possible to create a highly powerful 3D plant design solution from the 3D CAD system.

Smap3D Isometric

The isometric drawing is the third link in the process chain. The piping isometric is a single line technical drawing in the form of an isometric representation for the production of piping systems. We use ISOGEN® from the market leader Alias.