Food industry pioneer uses Siemens PLM Software technology to improve product functionality and quality


Migrating to 3D design with Solid Edge helps WAMMA lower costs and work more efficiently

Designing products precisely to customer specifications

WAMMA Sp. j. is a food industry leader in the development of slaughter house technology: designing, producing and installing swine slaughter lines, queuing conveyors for post-mortem storage, chilling rooms, dispatch facilities, swine and cattle cutting lines, pneumatic transport systems and waste dewatering systems. The company has furnished customized machinery to hundreds of customers, including the largest cattle slaughterhouse in Europe.

“The source of our success is the continuous improvement of both our organization and our products. We focus all our energy on adding value and eliminating redundant work, so we can provide the highest quality products to our customers,” says Piotr Dudziak, WAMMA’s AR (acid resistant) steel production manager.

“We implement new and improved solutions all the time, which results in greater trust from our customers and has helped make WAMMA one of the best brands in the industry,” says Jakub Macewicz, vice president of the management board at WAMMA.

In the past, the company used AutoCAD® software for computer-aided design (CAD), but engineers decided the software no longer satisfied their product development needs. “We used AutoCAD for two- dimensional design of machinery and entire lines,” says Rafał Macewicz, project manager, WAMMA. “Unfortunately, a 2D orientation created many obstacles. Using 2D views, it was often difficult for customers to assess whether or not a solution met their expectations. Decisions were often made by people unfamiliar with design, which required us to spend additional time on consultations. Another important factor was design errors, which were not always apparent in the initial stage.”

According to WAMMA’s engineers, designs prepared using AutoCAD sometimes had defects. Users often did not discover that a design was inaccurately prepared until the installation stage, which led to longer lead times and additional costs.

“Good design should ensure that all elements fit perfectly. But even when we had exact calculations and drawings in many projections, sometimes, for example, a beam to be adjoined with another one was too short; or a sprocket would stand out by a couple of millimeters, which could cause the chain to drop off,” says Rafał Macewicz. “Unfortunately, it was impossible to prevent all such situations. We needed software that would enable us to view a design from every angle.”

The company wanted a user-friendly 3D design tool. After a thorough analysis and tests of the best software solutions available for the company’s needs, WAMMA implemented Solid Edge® software from Siemens PLM Software. Solid Edge provided WAMMA a solution with an exceptionally wide range of functionality. Jakub Macewicz explains, “Because our designs are innovative and often need to be modified at every stage, we wanted to implement an efficient and user-friendly 3D software system. Solid Edge best fit our needs.”

WAMMA engineers found Solid Edge to be a leading 3D CAD system. They liked the powerful tools the software offered for creating virtual and physical prototypes. The engineers cited a number of compelling factors that led them to choose Solid Edge, including modeling and assembly creation tools that would enable them to quickly and easily design a full range of products, from a single component to assemblies with thousands of parts; and dedicated commands and special workflow processes that would facilitate the process of creating components. Moreover, because the engineers would be able to design, analyze and modify components within the assembly model, they knew they could be sure of an ideal design in terms of shape and functionality.

Improving productivity, quality and innovation

“The nature of our industry requires an individualized customer approach. At the beginning of each project, customers provide us with their expectations,” says Dudziak. “Using Solid Edge, we can quickly present them with models and basic project design intent. During consultation with the customer, we work with a ‘live’ 3D model, introducing its assumptions and expectations related to the project. Then we start to create documentation, which only takes two or three weeks, even with products comprised of a thousand or more parts.”

The use of Solid Edge has helped WAMMA engineers improve work efficiency, reduce design time and make fewer errors. The new software also helps in visualizing new products. Dudziak explains, “Using Solid Edge, we can create good design documentation. We can visualize the product and use these files to create installation manuals and animations. Solid Edge also provides a basis for calculating the strength of new machinery.” This enables improved quality. Dudziak points out, “The software has helped make the work of engineers more efficient and reduced our lead times. Initial designs following customer consultation are now prepared in just a couple of days.”

Rafał Macewicz adds, “For today’s engineer, CAD software is a crucial design tool. Solid Edge helps speed up design considerably and enables you to better visualize your thoughts. We are perceived in the industry as one of the most innovative companies in Poland. I cannot imagine this being possible without using advanced design software such as Solid Edge.”

The company already plans to equip additional workplaces with the solution. “We are glad that we can use solutions offered by Siemens PLM Software,” says Jakub Macewicz. On the one hand, their solutions are simple and functional, while on the other hand, their software also provides a number of advantages that translate directly into business results. Using Siemens PLM Software technology has helped us become a more advanced and efficient organization.”



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