Sysmetric Using Solid Edge helps Sysmetric develop leading-edge, next-generation products Eliminating physical prototypes Reducing the need to construct expensive physical prototypes is one of the major benefits of using Solid Edge® software from product lifecycle management (PLM) provider Siemens PLM […]

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Diatron Synchronous technology is the cure for slow design process for diagnostic equipment manufacturer Collaborative development Blood cell counts are typically among the first diagnostic tests for general health assessment, ruling out infections or anemia and monitoring cancer patients during […]

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DONIDO With Solid Edge, DONIDO generates engineering changes and production-ready drawings two times faster than using traditional modeling Innovation is key to DONIDO’s high-quality products Offering a diverse portfolio of high-quality milk processing lines and equipment, DONIDO PLC (DONIDO) has […]

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Lanly 3D design with synchronous technology provides a major productivity boost Like many industrial machinery makers, The Lanly Company (Lanly) has been using 2D computer-aided design (CAD) for decades. Despite having access to 3D modeling tools, Lanly’s drafters shied away […]

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Cloud-enabled Design on Your Terms Cloud capabilities when you need them. Flexible and easy access to the full capabilities of Solid Edge with cloud-based licensing, user preferences and software updates. Collaborate easily using popular cloud based file sharing software. Flexibility […]

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Hecht Technologie German company takes advantage of the continuous advancements in the software’s functionality Every material requires its own solution Founded in 1978, when Günther Hecht came up with some innovative ideas for handling dry bulk solids, Hecht Technologie GmbH […]

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Supfina Using synchronous technology, Supfina Grieshaber responds more agilely to market requests Reacting more flexibly Supfina Grieshaber GmbH & Co. KG (Supfina) has its origin in two companies. In 1903, brothers Albin and Bruno Grieshaber founded a craft business in […]

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Diakont Integration of Solid Edge and NX CAM reduces non-compliance caused by design and manufacturing errors by 70 percent Enhancing safety in dangerous industries Diakont Group, consisting of ZAO KTPI Gasproject, ZAO Diakont, OOO Diakont Innovatica, Diakont Advanced Technology (USA), […]

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MX Solid Edge is the heart of a process that includes digitizing tractor models and using FEA to advance durable products for the global market Serving farmers around the world When Louis Mailleux took over the family forge in 1951, […]

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WAMMA Migrating to 3D design with Solid Edge helps WAMMA lower costs and work more efficiently Designing products precisely to customer specifications WAMMA Sp. j. is a food industry leader in the development of slaughter house technology: designing, producing and […]

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Hydrauvision Siemens PLM Software solutions enable Hydrauvision to create more detailed designs and enhance simulation accuracy Providing operational confidence Hydrauvision specializes in producing hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical drives and systems for a variety of industries, including industrial machinery and heavy […]

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Ion Exchange Using Solid Edge helps Ion Exchange triple design productivity India’s large market for water purification From a scientific standpoint, ion exchange is a term used to denote purification, separation and decontamination processes used to produce clean liquids, such […]

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Y-Fang Enterprise Group Using 3D technology, Y-Fang significantly improves assembly operations, product quality and competitive edge Development-to-production efficiency Headquartered in Gaoxiong, Taiwan, Y-Fang Enterprise Group (Y-Fang) specializes in the production of various automatic machines, including filling, sealing, fructose and sauce […]

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Solid Edge Flexible Licensing is now available in Australia. Solid Edge users can now license Solid Edge in the traditional manner with a Perpetual License and optional Maintenance & Support or on a Rental or Subscription basis. Companies can now […]

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Ulster University Through the use of Solid Edge, students gain valuable skills that enhance their employability and enable them to contribute to industrial innovation Combining academic rigor with industrial experience “Students who have been on placement are much more aware […]

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ST9 is moving toward release, but as it isn’t released yet, I can’t really talk about specifics. For that reason, I’m not writing about the new software itself, but rather about how and why CAD Admins want to be involved […]

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Stöckli Swiss Sports With Solid Edge, Stöckli’s skis adapt to the skiing style, proficiency and body of the wearer – and not the other way around From 30 ski manufacturers to one It all started in the 1930s, when Josef […]

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Precision Timer Precision Timer improves research and development operations to meet customer demands Fashion panache and creativity behind the FIYTA brand Shenzhen FIYTA Precision Timer Manufacturing Ltd. (Precision Timer), along with many other companies, is a part of the FIYTA […]

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Last time we looked at text orientation, this time we’ll look at text on curves, straight and wavy. First I draw a couple curves, then add some text. Then modify the curves which alters the text. Notice in the command […]

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Solid Edge ST8 Maintenance Pack 5 is available for download. Solid Edge Maintenance Packs are released for CRITICAL items only. Maintenance Packs are available up to 15 months following the release date of the English version. The release date for […]

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GEA Farm Technologies GEA gains competitive advantage – increased productivity, reduced costs and improved quality – through integrated design/simulation technology Elevating the brand The GEA Farm Technologies Competence Center for Manure Management at Drummondville moved from 2D to 3D computer-aided […]

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Solid Edge enables conversion from 2D to 3D design The use of Solid Edge® software for 3D computer-aided design (CAD) is helping JIER Machine Tool, Co., Ltd. (JIER) keep pace in a fiercely competitive global marketplace. Established in 1937, JIER […]

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Alpha Omega Solid Edge helps team produce Alpha Omega’s next-generation microelectrode recording (MER) system used in neurosurgery Revising Alpha Omega’s flagship product was a major design and engineering challenge Based in Israel, Alpha Omega is in the brain surgery business, […]

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Váll-Ker Váll-Ker increases the number of products it delivers to market annually with Siemens PLM Software solution Behind success Váll-Ker Ltd. (Váll-Ker), which was founded in 1992, uses flexible manufacturing practices to produce high-quality fireplaces. Váll-Ker seeks continuous improvement and, […]

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Hutton Technologies Using Solid Edge enables farmers in the developing world to exchange five hours of carrying buckets for one hour of pumping A simple product, a huge impact David Hutton, managing director of Hutton Technologies Ltd, was only 3 […]

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You may be familiar with the PrtScn (print screen) function in Windows but did you know about the Snipping Tool? Click on the Windows Symbol (Start) on the desktop toolbar and in the search box start typing snipping tool. The […]

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This short video presents enhancements to drawing production processes in Solid Edge ST8. Download Your FREE Solid Edge Trial The trial includes: Key-shot Ordered modelling Direct 3D modelling Simulation Advanced surface modeler Drafting Full technical support  

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Design software vendors are continually releasing new applications to hurry design and shorten the distance and time from idea to final manufacturable blueprint, helping design engineers accelerate their companies’ speed to market for new products. Here are a number of […]

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Figure 1: A LubeMate Skid produced by Valley Industries. Skids are produced in a wide variety of configurations, with different tanks, hose and pump requirements. Image courtesy of Valley Industries.   Located in the heart of the Great Plains since […]

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Brunner Elektronik Solid Edge with synchronous technology accelerates Brunner Elektronik development work and facilitates high diversity in variants for turnkey solutions Control and drive system specialist Brunner Elektronik’s day-to-day challenge is to perfectly combine mechanical and electrical components into comprehensive […]

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Pentair Siemens PLM Software solutions enable Pentair’s Valves & Controls business unit to significantly enhance design quality and processes Finding a perfect match Pentair’s Valves & Controls business unit is its largest, producing valves, actuators and flow control products. Pentair […]

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Products are designed as a whole, not just the individual components. This translates in CAD as the ability to easily edit parts at an assembly level. In this example we have a Solid Edge assembly of a pulley system where […]

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Solid Edge makes it possible for you to handle and edit imported data much like a native one — perfect if you work in a multi-CAD environment. What it means is that you can speed up your process even more because […]

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Watch how Synchronous technology frees you from the limitations of having an embedded history. Aside from making changes in dimensions possible, you can also implement other changes much easier because features work independently of each other.     Download Solid […]

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Compuplast Siemens PLM Software solutions enable Compuplast to improve digital best practices, including receiving and editing multiple data formats Collaborating with well-known manufacturers Compuplast International (Compuplast) was founded in 1991, and is mainly focused on design and delivery of tools […]

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John Harder & Company CAD with embedded simulation provides fast and accurate job quotes John Harder & Company (JHC) designs forklift attachments and machinery to handle materials as important as space shuttle engines and as hazardous as uranium and nerve […]

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Volgograd Manufacturing Company Siemens PLM Software technology enables Volgograd Manufacturing Company to meet demanding project deadlines Upgrading the Sprut-SD self-propelled antitank gun The Volgograd Manufacturing Company (VgTZ) is a Russian developer and manufacturer of advanced weaponry for airborne troops and […]

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The Robosynthesis Modular Platform incorporates clever components that assemble to form a range of reconfigurable robots Solid Edge supports the creative process of exploration and experimentation Inspired by the natural world As determined as a salmon swimming upstream, as robust […]

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Design software vendors are continually releasing new applications to hurry design and shorten the distance and time from idea to final manufacturable blueprint, helping design engineers accelerate their companies’ speed to market for new products. Here are a number of […]

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Sparkonix implements PDM quickly to help designers significantly decrease time spent searching for storing and retrieving data   Corralling data Sparkonix India Private Limited (Sparkonix), which was established in 1968, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of electrical discharge machining […]

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When you create a drawing of a part or assembly you might use the method where you open the draft template then use the view wizard to place the views. There is a quicker way, just by using the Create […]

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This short video presents enhancements to drawing production processes in Solid Edge ST8.       Download Your FREE Solid Edge Trial The trial includes: Key-shot Ordered modelling Direct 3D modelling Simulation Advanced surface modeler Drafting Full technical support

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When you meet Philip Norman he doesn’t immediately strike you as an engineer. From everything I’d heard from my colleagues, Norman had spent the last decade of his life building a modular robotic system that was being touted as a […]

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In this video, Mark Parry, Managing Director of Majenta PLM Ltd, presents “Revolutionizing the Kit Car Industry: Reverse Engineering with Solid Edge and Value Added Apps.” Parry describes how the reverse engineering process starts with an object, in this case […]

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This short video presents new capabilities in Solid Edge ST8 for simulating realistic operating conditions for digital product models.       Download Your FREE Solid Edge Trial The trial includes: Key-shot Ordered modelling Direct 3D modelling Simulation Advanced surface […]

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For those wondering what synchronous is all about here’s an example. To achieve the same in ordered would have taken a sketch and a cut and then to modify it would mean editing the profile. Instead we just grab the […]

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From powerboats to world championship winning water skis, SYAS Performance is pushing the boundaries of composite fibre design in Australia, all with the help of Solid Edge. The company’s story started in 2002, when Shayne Young and his wife Anna […]

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Solid Edge Maintenance Pack 3 has just been released and is ready to download. This maintenance pack address a number of minor issues BUT most importantly it certifies Solid Edge to run on Windows 10. Solid Edge Maintenance Packs are released […]

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